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1995 ?Nantong Shirui Development Co., Ltd. was set up, started producing Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer?”FRP”?Gratings and Pultruded Profiles mainly exported to Europe and America markets;
1998 ?FRP Gratings were installed in Fengfan Group the first time, it was the beginning we supplied to accumulator battery industry;
2000 ?Company name changed to Nantong Shirui Reinforced Plastic Products Co., Ltd.;
2001 ?Nantong Shirui took the lead in the industry passed the ISO9001:2000 edition authentication;
2002 ?Authorized the High-tech enterprise certification by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department;
2002 ?First large 300x150mm I beam for big structural projects was successfully in trial pultrusion in China and applied to Roche Zhongya in Wuxi;
2003 ?Platform made 100% of FRP structures exported to Europe;
2004 ?Co-designed 100% FRP filler box with Tianjin Univtech was successfully applied to Jilin Chemical Company;
2005 ?Developed high-strength gratings specialized in acid battery industry, solved the problem of vulnerability when forklifts going through frequently;
2006 ?China's first FRP electric fence was designed and produced by Nantong Shirui;
2006 ?Nantong Shirui successfully win the bid of Beijing Digital Building, and became one of the Olympic venue constructional materials suppliers of OG2008;
2008 ?China's first 100% FRP charging racks came into being in Nantong Shirui, successfully applied in Tianneng Group Jiangsu;
2009 ?Approved to be an Observe Contracts and Trustworthy Enterprise by Nantong Administration for Industry and Commerce;
2009 ?A total construction area of 30,000 square meters of new plant was inaugurated;
2010 ?China's first PVC rolling conveyor came into being in Nantong Shirui;
2011 ?New PVC sheet extruding lines were introduced in Nantong Shirui, expanded the industrial chain with overall shaped PVC water channels;
2011 ?China's first 132 lines busbar FRP charging racks were produced in Nantong Shirui, and were successfully applied in Tianneng Group Zhejiang;
2012 ?China's first 165 lines double-roll double-layer busbar FRP charging racks were produced in Shirui, and applied successfully in Zhejiang Chilwee Group.

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