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Nantong Shirui Reinforced Plastic Products Co., Ltd was founded in 1994,which integrates research,development, production and marketing in its specialized business of FRP products.
The Quality Management Systems had passed the authentication of ISO 9001(2000 Version).siegrid® series FRP products had been sold.... MORE>>


Beijing Digital Building Electric Fence of Converter Stations in Heihe Sino-Russia boarder Roof Wall Grille of Beijing Capital International Airport FRP Platform made of Pultruded Channel & Square Tube with inclined Ladders. Walkways of Membrane Electrolysis Plant in Dagu Chemical Company. Two Different Surface gratings for Sewage Treatment Plant Street Drain Covers in Wuhan Suburban Phenolic Grating Platform at Petrochemical Tank Area Acid & Alkali Processing Platform in Cabot Blue Star Swimming Pool Grating at School Double anti-slip grating floor in Shanxi Sinotruck 4.5 M height FRP Structural Frame Platform in Jiangsu Guangming Chem Filter Pool with Pultruded Gratings in Yan’an Refinery Wastewater Treatment Plant Customized FRP Battery Charging Racks for Tianneng Group FRP Power Cooling Stents for SMW Energy Technology 10<sup>5</sup> KV High Voltage DC Power Supply Module Bracket for Chinese Academy of Sciences Platform with Safety Cages Ladders FRP Handrail Systems with Kickplate in Yan’an Refinery Plant ∮50 Round Tube Railing. Handan Sewage—Drain Covers. Applications in Meilan Chem Three Layers Sub-cooling Charging Racks Three Layers Water-cooling Charging Racks Double Layer Double Row Water-cooling Charging Racks Yuqing Water Supply Plant Pump Room Corridor Platform Taixing Spray Cooling Racks

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